The palm and the spy


A palm disappears in London. It is rare and expensive.

When the palm is found in Berlin, questions arise and the mystery deepens.

  • How did it get there?
  • Is it the same tree?
  • Was the palm stolen at all?

Two historians try to find out what really happened in 1857.

To find the truth they must set out on a journey of discoveries and engage a spy.

Easy to Read adventure with several language levels about critical reading of historical sources.

Easy to Read levels 1–3, 4 standard language and 4+ advanced language

Sabira Stahlberg: The palm and the spy

Illustrations Maria Viitasalo

48 pages

Bokpil 2022

ISBN 978-952-7334-63-8 (Paper book) – sold out!

ISBN 978-952-7334-64-5 (e-book, PDF)