Philip and the shadow


Easy Read book in the Philip-series about electronic study support, data security and how our lives are influenced by mobile phones.

An app should help Philip to study better at school. His class is competing about results and soon everybody gets better marks.

But strange things begin to happen. The app asks for more time every day.

It meddles in everything Philip does. He barely has time to do homework or meet his friend Greg anymore. Soon the app wakes him up in the middle of the night.

The book is a Pedagogical Easy Read and can be used in school and at home for learning, discussions and activities.

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Easy Read level 2 – easier

Sabira Stahlberg: Philip and the shadow

Translation Sabira Stahlberg and Marianne Stahlberg

Illustrations Maria Viitasalo, 48 pages

Bokpil 2019

ISBN 978-952-7334-12-6 (Paper book) – sold out!

ISBN 978-952-7334-13-3 (PDF) Order

ISBN 978-952-7334-14-0 (EPUB) Read free e-book at Ellibs