Journey to Colchis

Göran Schildt’s trip to the Black Sea

In 1963 the famous travel writer Göran Schildt travelled in the footsteps of Jason and the Argonauts. This unique trip brought him to the Black Sea, where the yacht Daphne and her crew discovered the antiquity and the present – a fascinating history of an unknown sea.

E-book (English only)
Trilingual paper book

Sabira Ståhlberg has written an exciting account about the journey of Schildt with historical background.

See also Swedish and Finnish versions

Sabira Ståhlberg: Journey to Colchis

Lecti Book Studio 2018

Original photographs by Göran Schildt

64 pages

ISBN 978-952-68113-1-4 (Paper, trilingual Swedish, Finnish, English) – sold out!

ISBN 978-619-192-245-1 (PDF, English) Order