Fly in the wind


Ashes from a volcano fills the air in the town. The TV sends out a team to film the eruption.

But the town is burning and someone has stolen a very important statue.

Soon life is at stake. Dangerous things are flying in the wind…

The book is a Pedagogical Easy Read and can be used in school and at home for learning, discussions and activities about the environment.

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Easy Read level 2 – easier

Sabira Stahlberg: Fly in the wind

Translation Sabira Stahlberg and Marianne Stahlberg

Illustrations Maria Viitasalo

48 pages

Lecti Book Studio 2018

ISBN 978-619-192-262-8 (Paper book) – sold out!

ISBN 978-619-192-268-0 (PDF) Read free e-book at Ellibs