Fix the focus


Easy Read book about the future, friendship and how artificial intelligence changes our view of the world.

In the future everybody carries special eyeglasses called plex. Plex combines phones and computers and adapts to the user.

Lightning strikes a restaurant. The plex of four friends suddenly start exchanging information with each other.

Nothing is like before. Every day brings new surprises. Their friendship is put to the test, because now all kinds of secrets are discovered…

The book is a Pedagogical Easy Read and can be used in school and at home for learning, discussions and activities about artificial intelligence, technology and our future.

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Easy Read level 3 – easy

Sabira Stahlberg: Fix the focus

Translation Sabira Stahlberg and Marianne Stahlberg

Illustrations Maria Viitasalo

48 pages

Bokpil 2019

ISBN 978-952-7334-15-7 (Paper) – sold out!

ISBN 978-952-7334-16-4 (PDF) Order

ISBN 978-952-7334-17-1 (EPUB) Read free e-book at Ellibs