Finnish Guard in the Balkans


The Finnish Guard made a unique journey to the Balkans during the war 1877-1878. The Guard participated in a battle at the village of Gorni Dubnik and marched over the Balkan Mountains in terrible winter weather.

The heroic feat of the Guard has been admired for more than a century, but what did the reality look like?

Author Sabira Stahlberg has for several years travelled in the Balkans and researched the adventures of the Finnish Guard.

The book is a rich description of a time in history, which changed the life of millions, and the meeting of people from the North with a completely different world.

See also Swedish, Finnish and Bulgarian versions

Sabira Stahlberg: Finnish Guard in the Balkans


24 pages

Lecti Book Studio 2016

ISBN 978-619-192-099-0 (Paper book) – sold out!

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