Dog weather on the Black Sea

The ship Argo makes a perilous journey to the faraway kingdom of Colchis with captain Jason, Hercules the hero, sour-faced Idas and Thracian singer Orpheus – and the fish-eating dog Mopsus.

The Black Sea is a dangerous place for both men and dogs and the Argonauts encounter many adventures during their quest for the Golden Fleece.

The book „Dog Weather on the Black Sea“ by Sabira Stahlberg is an entertaining story about Argo’s journey – told by a dog!

Sabira Stahlberg: Dog Weather on the Black Sea

Lecti Book Studio 2014

Illustrations V. Grebenska, 40 pages

ISBN 978-619-192-005-1 (Paper)

ISBN 978-619-192-025-9 (PDF) Buy

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